3 Reasons to Use an Equipment Sign Out Sheet for Your Business

Your business is full of different assets and tools that help it thrive. You…
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Your business is full of different assets and tools that help it thrive. You need to keep track of each and every piece of information to run a tight ship and make sure things are operating smoothly. This is especially important with your equipment and the different pieces of technology that you rent out to your team or other workers. Whether you’re sending your construction team to a job site with heavy machinery or renting out video equipment to your marketing team, you need an effective equipment checkout form to keep track of these items.

While it may seem simple, equipment checkout forms can make or break your asset management. Having an easy form for people to fill out can help ease any issues with miscommunication and make sure people know what they’re agreeing to upfront. Make life so much easier for your team of asset managers or maintenance specialists who need to know where these items are at all times. Here are just three of the specific reasons why an equipment sign-out document can be beneficial for your business.

1. Keep track of your equipment in more effective ways.

The basic benefit of equipment sign out sheet is the organizational elements you’ll receive. Once someone rents an item or takes out a piece of equipment, they can immediately hand you the equipment checkout form. This will include a set return date and a time they plan to borrow the equipment. You can then file that away and know exactly where that piece is for when you need it next. Whether your team is borrowing laptops for a big presentation or work uniforms for a larger event, you can keep all your ducks in a row with great equipment checkout forms to help your organization.

2. Handle all the essential information in one location.

Depending on who is renting your equipment, you may need a decent amount of information about them. What company do they represent? How long will the project take? Who is the point of contact should you need to communicate with anyone? A sign-out sheet will give you all this information and more in one, simple template. Create an equipment checkout form that asks for all the right contact information, project details, and liability releases. You’ll also be able to include your own terms and conditions on the form that people will agree to with their own signature. Overall, this helps streamline your processes while guaranteeing you have all the essential information you’ll need as you rent out equipment.

3. Make life easier and avoid miscommunication issues for your managers.

The people who handle your important assets and equipment already have a lot on their plates. By creating an easy-to-use template and sign-out sheet, you are making their equipment checkout process a piece of cake. Rather than having to track down different clients or hassle people for the right information, you already have an equipment checkout form template that is ready to use for each individual project. This will also eliminate miscommunications when you are signing and agreeing to terms upfront. Just like signing a contract makes life easier for all parties involved down the line, this process will simplify things for asset managers.

If a regular sign-out sheet is beneficial, just imagine turning that into a digital sheet. With similar technology, you can even track your equipment as it’s on the go with a digital tracker that updates automatically. This means no more crazy paperwork or liability forms for you to keep track of. Simply include all the necessary information on a digital equipment checkout form that you can pull up on a tablet and have clients sign right there. This makes life easier for everyone involved.