Writing for Webenalysis

Webenalysis welcomes contributions about relevant and timely topics that combine compelling writing and effective analysis, and that promise to improve our readers’ understanding of business growth, tech trends, and how to improve both for their personal and professional lives.  

Our publication’s current focus is on a range of  subjects, including business, finance, technology, career, lifestyle, home, and general guides for growth and development. We typically publish articles between 800-1,200 words in length, and in a language and style engaging for a diverse audience.

How to Pitch to Us

On a daily and weekly basis we review story and article pitches  that may be emailed to submissions@webenalysis.com or completing the form below. If it’s been more than a week since you submitted, please feel free to follow up. 

Your pitch should include: 

  • why your subject is timely and important  
  • what evidence you will bring to bear on the topic 
  • who you are and why you are the appropriate expert
  • how your perspective is unique, valid, and relevant to our readers

We are looking forward to hearing your expertise and important points of view!

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