3 Uses for Brochures

Now that digital marketing is all the rage, you might be thinking, “What do…
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Now that digital marketing is all the rage, you might be thinking, “What do people need brochures for?” For starters, brochures are the best way to showcase new products and services, as they’re physical representations of a business’s ideas, and they are great marketing tools for the real world, the one that exists outside of your computer or mobile device. With the use of engaging graphics and informative charts, you can deliver your message in a materialized way as opposed to one that could easily disappear with a click.

If you’re looking to create various business brochures, real estate brochures, or even online brochures, Lucidpress is a great tool. It’s a brochure maker that includes easy templates for all of your needs. You can start from a blank canvas and choose your own fonts. Or you can choose different color palettes that match the color scheme of your organization. Once you’re done, you can get it printed straight from Lucidpress or turn your templates into PDFs to share online. It really doesn’t get any easier than that! Check out the three most common uses for brochures down below.

Sales Brochures


The most common type of sales brochures are real estate brochures. Let’s say you’re looking to advertise log cabins in North Carolina. To really sell that cabin dream, you can choose a double-gate fold design with plenty of pictures to show off the log fireplace or hot tub. It’s definitely a lot better than the average flyer! You can choose a template that really highlights the property as a great place to buy. Don’t forget to provide your contact information at the end!

Company Brochures


A brochure really establishes the legitimacy of a company. These are just staples in every office, and they have been for decades! Nothing says “professional” like a well-made tri-fold brochure! If any visitors are looking to find information about your company, this is a great way to highlight its history and how it was founded. You can also list off the company’s accomplishments on one of the pages. Because there are various sizes to choose from, you can really make use of each panel. Find a way to represent your company in the way that it’s meant to be with a brochure from Lucidpress.

Event Brochures


Whether you’re hosting a conference or a big sales meeting, a brochure is just what you need to establish any key guidelines. Most events tend to use a Z-fold or choose no fold at all. Z-fold brochures often look a bit classier, but having no fold is straight to the point and concise! Making a brochure for an upcoming event is one of many excellent uses. If you’re running a big meeting, you can sum up your best points on one page. If you’re hosting a party, you may want to use a brochure template for a menu. That way, you can customize it to the offerings you’ll be having. If you’re giving a presentation, handing out brochures with all of the charts might work best for people who sit at the back of the room. Close-up visual aids really tend to work well and do better at bringing your point home.

Because it comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, you can really use brochures for just about anything. Above, we’ve only mentioned three uses for brochures, but there are definitely plenty of other ways: trade shows, direct mail, marketing materials, media kits, and more. To start making your own brochure, just visit Lucidpress to sign up for a free account. Then, you can create your beautiful brochure, get it printed, or save it as a PDF to post online or send over email. Have fun!