Business Ideas That Help Others

Perhaps you’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. Ever since you were a kid,…
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Perhaps you’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. Ever since you were a kid, you dreamed of running your own business, maybe expanding it to be a force across the United States and even the world. You’ve taken some online courses in business-related topics, and you know that the business world is for you. The thing is, if you’re also an empath, maybe you also want a business that will give back to the world and help others out.

If this is the case, and you’re looking for ways to make your helpful business ideas come to fruition, you should know that there are plenty of ways to make it happen. All organizations, no matter how niche or small, need someone business-minded to help them out. Whether it’s a firm of legal rights advocates, healthcare providers who are trying to teach the practice of CPR and first aid to as many people as possible, or a nonprofit that specializes in fixing up homes for those in need (complete with an epoxy coat to their concrete floor), everyone needs the help of someone business minded. If you have your certificates in place and are looking for ideas, look no further. Read on to learn about business ideas that give back to society. Soon you’ll be making the world a better place and running businesses across the United States, too.

Repairing Houses for Those in Need

With winter on its way, it’s becoming increasingly clear that there are far too many people in the United States who need a place to call their own. The truth is, even one person who is caught out in the bitter cold of winter (or the sweltering heat of summer) is too many, but the United States has far more homeless people than that. According to recent reporting by the LA Times, 568,000 people were homeless in January 2019. Still, in the wake of rampant unemployment caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s expected that this number will leap by a nearly unprecedented 45 percent.


These numbers are almost unfathomable—it’s absolutely horrifying to think that so many people have found themselves in such dire straits. Unable to shelter from the oncoming storms, where can they turn? Some will end up in shelters; some will end up sleeping in bus stations or on the streets. Some will end up in affordable or city-provided housing.

For the latter category, some organizations work on fixing up homes for the less fortunate to live in, such as Habitat for Humanity. Some of the renovation and building work means fixing up basements and garages, or any other concrete floors, to make them safe for the new homeowners to use. Concrete floor coatings are more important than you may think; a high-quality epoxy coat on a concrete floor can prevent stains and cracks. A nicely applied coat of epoxy on the garage floor will keep out chemicals and ensure that the foundation stays intact. After all, if you’re running an organization that helps people find safe housing, you want to make sure that everything about it, even the garage floor, is safe.

Online CPR and First Aid Certificates

What is a better way there to help someone than literally saving lives? One business idea that will help others is to become an EMT (emergency medical technician) or work to train others in the tools needed to administer first aid or CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It’s a stressful business to be an EMT or run an EMT business, but it can also be gratifying. Imagine knowing that an EMT you manage saved someone from a heart attack? Or administered first aid to a burn or other wound? CPR training and management is an amazing business choice.


If you want to know more about what that type of business would entail, you can go online and look at online CPR for healthcare providers. An online CPR course or first aid course teaches you just as much as an in-person course would, and in a relaxed learning atmosphere as well, which is good news for those who want to learn more while the U.S. is under coronavirus lockdown. Getting your CPR certificate from an accredited CPR association will help you learn more about what goes into administering CPR and help you understand if this type of business idea is your calling or not. If you consider managing emergency response teams, learning about CPR techniques such as the Heimlich maneuver is the first step.

Fighting for Legal Rights

You can also take the legal route and fight to help others in the courts. This may be one of the most effective ways to help others, especially considering that legal precedents tend to last and ripple out through many communities over a great many years. Of course, you may not want to go to business school and law school, and that’s fine.


Instead, consider running a business, like Legal Rights Advocates, a law firm that offers legal advice and a lawyer referral service to those being unfairly pursued by debt collectors. Many people in the U.S. don’t know their legal rights when it comes to handling debt collectors, but the truth is that there are plenty of things they’re not allowed to do. Even if someone does carry a large amount of debt, that doesn’t mean that debt collectors are allowed to bust into a person’s busy schedule or harass them no end on social media or at their personal phone number. Not hardly. Legal Rights Advocates is a law firm that can walk people who are being harassed by debt collectors through the whole process of fighting back and inform people of whether they’re facing a scam or not. Whether it entails just legal advice or a lawsuit as well, this kind of work can truly change someone’s life and allow them to get back to their pre-harassment lives. If you’re thinking of businesses you can run to help people—this is a great choice.

Providing Spiritual Guidance

There are also less earthly ways you can help people. Churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship are actually all business, too, as are the places that supply them. Sometimes, in times of struggle and strife, all people need is a spiritual space to reconnect to step back from their busy schedule and breathe in the sense of divinity. Everyone needs to arrive at their spirituality at their own pace, which is why it may be a good idea to become involved in a business that provides the infrastructure for that to happen.


Maybe it’s a moment of prayer or mindfulness, or just taking deep breaths on the patio—whatever it is that connects people to a sense of holiness is a huge help in getting through the craziness of the day-to-day. These days, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard to find houses of worship, like churches, that allow for gatherings and participating in rituals. If someone wants to participate in the holy sacrament of confirmation, they may not have confirmation supplies like confirmation candles lying around the house. Truly, in times like these, confirmation candles and the like can make great religious gifts if you have someone you know who may benefit from them.

What if you were to use your business savvy to help a fledgling church find its way, reaching more people and helping them connect in dire times such as these—and even in regular times? If you yourself are religious in any way, this may be a good idea for both to realize your business dreams and give back to others at the same time.

Whatever your passion—whether it’s CPR certification, defending legal rights, spiritual guidance, repairing concrete floors (or putting in a new floor with a fresh coat of epoxy) for those in need, or anything else, don’t hold back. You can be one of the many candles that spread light around the world and take the United States by storm with your amazing business ideas at the same time!