Software solutions that change how we manage enterprise systems.

If you run an enterprise-level company, then you have unique needs compared to small…
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If you run an enterprise-level company, then you have unique needs compared to small and medium-sized businesses. When managing hundreds, or even thousands, of employees and keeping track of millions of customers, you need reliable, automated systems to help you stay on top of things. Your business is likely spread out in multiple locations, perhaps across the world, and your website likely has millions of web pages that need to be optimized and easily searchable.

While digital transformations haven’t necessarily been easy for all businesses, they are a necessary process. Going digital fundamentally changes the ways you manage your business, and it makes things significantly easier for larger companies. Here are just a few technologies that can have a major impact on how you manage your enterprise company.

Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are your greatest resource, and offering them the best customer support possible helps retain them and can even encourage them to spread the word to new potential customers. A great way to do this is by ensuring they have an exceptional customer experience with your contact center. With integrated ServiceNow call center software, you can offer personalized customer journeys knowing that your customer service agents are always supported with customer information kept in your ServiceNow platform.

With true omnichannel routing capabilities, this cloud call center solution lets customers contact your agent through their preferred communication channel whether that’s voice calls, webchat, text, SMS, etc. Customers can also switch seamlessly between channels if the need arises, all while staying in contact with the same agent, saving everyone’s time. The agent experience is also improved thanks to a unified desktop that lets them track all conversations across a single interface and increase productivity.

Enterprise Search

Commonly used search engines like Google and Bing search the web for keywords to help users find solutions to problems and answers to questions. As an enterprise organization, you likely have large amounts of data you need to search through and analyze to help make better business decisions and provide a better user experience for your customers. The free Elasticsearch search and analytics engine is a great big data solution.

Developed with the Apache Lucene project, Elasticsearch is the core component of the Elastic Stack (ELK Stack), which also features Logstash and Kibana. The Elasticsearch service uses Logstash, a server-side data ingestion tool, to simultaneously collect data from multiple sources and store them as JSON documents in an Elasticsearch cluster. Elasticsearch data can then be retrieved in near real-time no matter how complex the query. Kibana even allows for the easy creation of data visualizations including line graphs, pie charts, histograms, and more.

If you deploy via the Elastic Cloud, you’ll be able to automatically install every component of the ELK Stack and ensure that your security features are always up to date.

Resource Planning

With enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, you’ll be able to integrate disparate processes into one ultimate system to run your business. With the right ERP system, you can integrate your sales, marketing, human resources, inventory systems, and more to find new ways to boost your efficiency.

Without an ERP application, your departments will be on their own and will have to collect data and share it themselves, which can be a tedious process that’s prone to errors. ERP systems automate this process and make it easier to see how each part of your business contributes to the greater whole.

There are many options for these systems, and they’re typically specialized for the type of business they’re meant to assist. A large hospital, for example, would likely use a much different system than a financial institution. Explore options to find the best system for your organization.