Tech Innovations to Help Your Business Succeed

Innovative technology is playing a major role in how companies do business. From project…
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Innovative technology is playing a major role in how companies do business. From project management software to productivity tools, there are thousands of ways to leverage tech in your business. That being said, if you really want your company to shine, it’s important to build your foundation on the tech that really serves you or your customers. Finding the right tools can be difficult in a crowded field of options, so here are a few tech tips and tricks to think about implementing in your workplace.

Hire Employees that are Network Certified

Sometimes it’s important to find workers who are well versed in a particular type of tech in order for your business to run smoothly. Finding employees who’ve passed the CCNA exam ensures that you’re hiring someone who fully understands important IT principles about routing and switching.

If you use interconnecting Cisco devices, it’s imperative that you have a staff who can troubleshoot and adapt your network in case of an issue. Since the likelihood that you rely on the Internet and phone lines to do your business is relatively high, it’s even more important that you have an IT team full of professionally certified individuals. Even if it means paying for the right training in order to get the best candidate, the investment in these kinds of workers is well worth the time and energy.

Leverage Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail providers offer you a way to reach customers in a personal way without interrupting their day with a phone call from an unknown number. As more and more people use caller ID and automatic features on their phones to screen suspected spam calling, ringless voicemail has gotten even more powerful.

Being able to leave a short, friendly voicemail directly on a customer’s phone can get them the information you want them to receive with a much higher likelihood of them listening to the message. Best of all, ringless voicemail only takes one person to record the message and deploy communications. This frees up employee time by eliminating the need for a phone bank and allowing you to focus your staff and resources on other important tasks.

Target Audiences Using Social Media

Social media offers you a wide range of options when it comes to selling your brand and communicating with customers. Leveraging the advanced ways of targeting customers is thus vital if you want to be sure that your message is getting to the right audience. From targeting customers based on age and location to finding different behaviors or interests to include in your segmentation, there are hundreds of ways to reach customers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

It’s also worth considering how your company can use other platforms like Pinterest if you think it could be relevant to your audience. For example, a clothing brand may want to pin their latest styles on Pinterest so that others might discover them through the platform. Especially for major life events such as weddings or the birth of a child, Pinterest can be a major boon for building awareness.

Create Engaging Email

When it comes to great ROI, email is an incredible platform. Email marketing can give you a lot of valuable information about who your most engaged customers are and which individuals need a bit more of a nudge. By analyzing click-through rates and open rates, you can figure out how to constantly improve your email subject lines and content in order to better engage all customers.

You can also segment your most engaged consumers and offer them special deals with a higher likelihood of converting. Especially when you consider how affordable email systems are, it’s vital that your company uses this technology to its advantage as you seek to grow sales.