Tips for Growing Your Construction Business — From Your Marketing Strategy to Your Website Design

The only way to grow your construction business is by making people aware of…
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The only way to grow your construction business is by making people aware of your company, the services you offer, and your fantastic reputation. While ideally, you want your reputation to grow organically through word-of-mouth advertising, that takes time. From your online and offline marketing strategies to your web design, every detail needs to be taken into consideration when working to grow your construction business. Here are a few tips to help you grow your business quickly.

Design a website that targets your intended audience



Your website is not an area of your business that you want to try to do yourself to save money. Contractor Gorilla is a web designer that works specifically with contractors to create stunning sites to display their work and build their reputation. Your website needs to be functional, attractive and optimized for search engines. Your web designers will be able to create a site that will work smoothly with your SEO strategy. While keywords and valuable content are essential to SEO, so is the structure of your website, use of tags, and metadata. SEO is strengthened as more people visit your site and stay on it for more extended periods. A professionally designed website that caters to your target audience will ensure they are staying longer and navigating pages within the site.

Get active on social media.



Social media is about gaining a following and building your reputation, and it is an essential element of your overall marketing strategy. You can use your social media platform to showcase finished jobs, offer suggestions, and answer common questions. You can post images and videos that will engage visitors allowing them to get to know you and directing them to your website.

Don’t forget about traditional marketing techniques.



Fliers, business cards, brochures, and other marketing materials that can be handed out, mailed out, or somehow distributed will get your name out to the masses. It will give people something to hold on to, leave on their table, stick in their purse, or put on the fridge with a magnet, so when they need a contractor, they know who to call. MinesPress is a business-to-business printing company that can provide a wide range of printing services. MinesPress has extensive experience working with accounting firms, so they will have the knowhow to help you create price and contract information in a reader-friendly format. With so much emphasis on digital marketing, which is essential, many companies forget that traditional marketing techniques still work.

Ask for and share testimonials.



Every time you finish a job, ask your customer for written feedback. While it’s unlikely everyone will be delighted with the work, the majority of your customers will likely have no problem writing a testimonial or positive review for you to share through your website and social media network. The more positive reviews and testimonials you can get online, the better it will look for your company. New visitors will have more faith in you as a contractor.

Strive to create an online community



Creating an online community is more than just posting frequently to your website and social media. It is about actively engaging with people online. It is essential to answer questions, ask questions, interact with people who comment on your posts. Provide new content based on reader feedback. Post personal information like staff birthdays, accomplishments, and celebrations. Creating a community is about connecting with people online and allowing them to feel like they know you as a person. It will help to build a level of trust so that when they need a contractor, they feel comfortable reaching out to you.