Shopping Tips for the Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

Homeowners incur a lot of costs. They make monthly mortgage payments, pay for their…
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Homeowners incur a lot of costs. They make monthly mortgage payments, pay for their utilities, and cover the costs of homeowners’ insurance, property taxes, and household maintenance.

Although the average homeowner spends almost $3,200 on annual maintenance costs, expenses vary based on the home’s age and condition. You may spend a higher amount each year if you own an older home or have household systems in disrepair, while someone who owns a newer home may have minimal maintenance costs for a few years and find their costs increasing over time. Investing in a home warranty is an effective way to manage these expenses. Let’s review some tips you can use when shopping for a home warranty company in Texas.

Identify your needs.


Your home warranty plan needs will vary based on your home’s condition, the age of the appliances, and the types of features on your property. The best home warranty companies in Texas offer multiple plans, enabling homeowners to identify the right plan for their needs.

Suppose you built a home. You may not need coverage for your appliances because the manufacturer’s warranty still covers them, but you may want a home warranty plan to cover your home’s systems. You can ensure your peace of mind with a systems plan covering your home’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) system, water heater, ductwork, plumbing system, and electrical system. When you have issues with these systems, you’ll contact your home warranty company, who’ll send a technician to your home. The technician will determine why your system isn’t operating correctly. Provided your plan covers the issue, they’ll order essential parts and complete repairs.

Some homeowners may opt for a silver plan covering some household appliances. The silver plan pays for repairs for your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, oven, range, garage door opener, and garbage disposal. It doesn’t cover any household systems.

The gold plan covers all the items featured on the systems and silver plans. It doesn’t cover plumbing stoppages, built-in microwaves, or ice makers.

Homeowners who want comprehensive coverage can opt for the platinum plan. This plan covers all appliances in the silver plan, plus your built-in microwave and ice maker. It covers all household systems from the systems plan, plus plumbing stoppages.

You can customize any plan by adding coverage for other features, such as your sump pump, pool, hot tub, and standalone freezer. Homeowners can also add septic tank coverage to any home warranty plan.

Consider your budget.


Homeowners make monthly payments for their home warranty plan, which means you must consider your budget. In addition to the monthly fees, you’ll pay a service fee when you need a technician to perform repairs. Your plan and your monthly rate determine the service fee. If you opt for the cheapest monthly rate option, you’ll pay a higher service fee when you call a technician. If you pay a higher monthly rate, you’ll pay a lower service fee. The service fee’s the same for any system or appliance covered under your plan, so you won’t be charged more to repair your plumbing system than you’d be charged to fix your ice maker.

Read consumer reviews.


Choosing a home warranty company is a significant decision for several reasons. First, their technicians will enter your home. Reading consumer reviews will ensure your peace of mind because you’ll be confident you can trust the company and its team. You’ll also want a company that’s reliable and hires skilled technicians. Reading online reviews can help you identify home warranty companies that meet your service standards.

Your home warranty company repairs household appliances and systems covered by your home warranty plan. Look for a home warranty company with multiple plans to ensure you only pay for the coverage you need. You should also consider your budget and read consumer reviews to ensure you choose the best home warranty company and plan for you.