What Cargo Management Systems Do and How to Use Them

James Bond personified suave ingenuity and rugged good looks. He was also known for…
a forklift in a warehouse

James Bond personified suave ingenuity and rugged good looks. He was also known for his keen sense of style and constant supply of gadgets Q would create for him. Though not as much of a crime-fighting contraption as Q used to cook up, a cargo management system is as useful.

It can also have the appearance of something Bond might have used during one of his missions. Here’s how you can utilize one to make your truck more efficient and stylish.



Whenever someone hears the word, utility, they often don’t associate it with style. You just need to make the James Bond comparison again to know that’s just not true. Consider his watches. Classic bound’s timepiece was always a Rolex. Contemporary 007 wears an Omega. Both were a blend of sophistication and utility.

The Watch Box has the ideal location to shop for pre-owned Rolex Submariner watches if you are looking to increase your collection. They’ve got a plethora of Rolex, Omega, and other brand-name watches made from precious metals. From stainless steel to yellow gold or white gold, they’ve got a wristwatch to match your style.

This association with high-end watches with style and utility is how you should view your cargo management system. It blends functionality with a look of rugged versatility. At first glance, it will appear simple, but upon closer inspection, highly sophisticated. People won’t think it’s a work truck, but rather a rig designed for an MI6 agent.


At their core, a cargo management system is designed to give more efficient storage space and functionality to your truck. Generally, the system is made to make heavier loads easier to maneuver in and out of the back of the truck. They typically run along the rails of your truck bed from the cab to the tailgate.

There are channels that run the length of the truck bed that allows for a cargo box to be installed. This can then easily slide the length on and off of the truck bed to make accessing things in the back simpler. The box can be pushed and pulled with ease along these rails and rests gently before the tailgate when not in use.



A key to any cargo management system is its functionality. For starters, they are designed to be extremely durable. What you were able to haul before you installed the system shouldn’t change after you’ve gotten one. Many come with a tonneau cover or something similar to keep what your hauling safe from rain, debris, and wind.

Additionally, most systems are designed with adjustable accessories like straps or partitions to customize the space as you need. If you need to carry a load without the tonneau cover, you can remove it and carry loads the rise higher than the sides of the truck bed. Moving yard clippings, lumber, and other large supplies aren’t hindered by the installation of a cargo management system.


Because it has so many functions, you’ll find that you’ll be using your system on a regular basis. You’ll be able to store items safely in the back of your truck you wouldn’t have thought of before. This could be anything from groceries, to luggage, to your kids. Okay, not the last one, but you will find that you can conveniently and safely store more items without losing accessibility to them.

You’ll even feel comfortable placing your personal belongings, such as your Rolex watch, back there as well. Just make sure you keep it in its stainless-steel case when you do. It will be easy to access, but that doesn’t make it impervious to scratches.